"Parallelized Cross Validation

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There have been some great backend updates to RapidMiner version 7.3 that are aimed at making your predictive analytics faster.


With version 7.3 a new parallelized Cross Validation operator was introduced that completely uses your available cores on your machine (per your license) and improves the memory management. Check out Tobias's post on the subject here. This new Cross Validation is the first of many planned improvements in memory management.


More parallelized operators are planned to be released in upcoming releases and are all a part of RapidMiner's Data Core initiative. We're busy reworking the memory management guts of RapidMiner to make huge improvements for our users.  Tobias writes about how we're doing just that in his latest blog post.


We are asking our community to check out these new enhancements and give us feedback. Let us know if you see a speed up in your analytics!




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