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Stream Database Error with Oracle

Ina_KIna_K Member Posts: 9 Contributor II
edited November 2018 in Help

Hi all, 

while trying to stream data from an Oracle DB I get the following error message:

ORA-00904: "RM_INDEX": invalid identifier. (details below)

03-12-2016 21-14-45.png

The underlying table doesn't have a column named RM_INDEX. I guess this is a RapidMiner-generated column which would be used as PK and index as described in the operator documentation. The thing is, there already is a column, let's call it LOG_ID, constrained as PK and index. The values of that column do not start with 0 as indexes usually do. It's merely an integer defined column containing ID values for the objects in my table which are being deleted after a certain time. This leads to discontinuities in the numerical series of the 'index' - which means the values therein are not continuous. They actually start with '6136805'.

The recreate index parameter isn't ticked. That's why I absolutely cannot affiliate to that error message.

My priviledges contain all system privs needed to add the missing RM_INDEX column as described in the operator documentation. 


Can someone help me with this? Would be appreciated..

Kind regards.







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