Data Mining A Tutorial-Based Primer, Second edition (author Richard Roiger) is now available!

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Two of the book’s 14 chapters are devoted to learning how to use RapidMiner Studio for building models to solve complex problems. Five additional chapters use RapidMiner Studio for one or several data mining tutorials on attribute selection, dealing with imbalanced data, outlier analysis, time-series analysis, mining textual data, cluster analysis, and more. Please visit https://www.crcpress.com/9781498763974  to examine the table of contents and supplements associated with the text.


"Dr. Roiger does an excellent job of describing in step by step detail formulae involved in various data mining algorithms, along with illustrations. In addition, his tutorials in Weka software provide excellent grounding for students in comprehending the underpinnings of Machine Learning as applied to Data Mining. The inclusion of RapidMiner software tutorials and examples in the book is also a definite plus since it is one of the most popular Data Mining software platforms in use today."


--Robert Hughes, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA, USA



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