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Rounding and display in 2 decimal place

mengkoon007mengkoon007 Member Posts: 30 Contributor I
edited November 2018 in Help



I am calculating some numeric number and noticed that the display is either integer or 3 decimal.


Can someone kindly advise which operator can I use for below?

1) Round to 2 decimal place and display as 2 decimal place

- I tried using "Generate Attribute" by indicating round(a/b,2). Eg. result is 2.035 and rounding become 2.040,  this steps round to 2 decimal but when display it still show 3 decimal


2) I need a column to display in percentage, then round and display as 2 decimal place. Eg. The value is 2.046789, in percentage is 204.6789%, the final display needs to be as 204.68%.


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    JEdwardJEdward RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 578 Unicorn

    As you are looking at changing the way it displays I would recommend the Format Numbers operator.  You can use this to format a number in a pattern of your choosing and display it as a nominal value. 

    For example 20.000203 can become 20.00%  or various other combinations. 


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    mengkoon007mengkoon007 Member Posts: 30 Contributor I



    Thanks for the advice.


    I have tried using format number operator with format type as pattern.The pattern type indicate as 0.00


    May I check

    1) does it just display as 2 decimal or

    2) it actually round to 2 decimal and then display as 2 decimal?


    If it is point 1, the rounding is it needs to be done using the generate attribute operator first, then use format number operator to display in 2 decimal?




    Another question:


    I need to add this percentage logo "%" to 1 of my calculated value, I have tried using the following method but the value is incorrect:

    1) Generate Attribute = round (a/b*100,2) = eg. 150.460

    2) Format number = pattern type = 0.00% = eg. 15046.00%


    The result i need is 150.46%.


    I tried a tedious method as below and seems to get the result, can anyone kindly advise if there is a correct way to do it? Thanks.

    1) Generate Attribute = round (a/b*100,2) = eg. 150.460 (attribute name: r_ratio) => I am rounding to 2 decimal after multiply value *100%

    2) Generate Attribute = r_ratio/100 => I am making the value to before multiple 100% and this value has already been rounded

    3) Format number = pattern type = 0.00%, the value now show as 150.46%

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