RapidMiner Server Memory Setup

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For the memory configuration shown in server system informantion, how to interpret these different 'memory' terminoloies?


This is a snapshot of system settings as an example:

server memory.png

Total Memory setting will show you the amount of memory Java has right now acquired from the operation system. This is done automatically by the JVM, whenever more memory is required it will automatically increase up to the number shown as "Maximum Memory".


Free Memory (always less than Total Memory), refer to the allowed acquired memory not curtly in use. Don’t get scared if it is small.


Maximum Memory refers to the maximum memory amount defined during installation. The image attached shows that it can use up to 502 GB.

Therefore your settings are totally correct and you don't need to do anything before submitting big jobs to the server.


To change maximum amount of memory for RapidMiner server, please follow


More server settings can be found here http://docs.rapidminer.com/server/administration/maintenance/server-settings.html

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