Difficulties to analysis set of data from DataShop

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I have one set of data to analyse with rapid miner but i've not very experience to work with it.

Is there some one how can help me and explain me steps to do to arrive predicting or clustering model.

The problem is the work of 17 students in chemistry and I have download all the data.

The teacher corrcect the errors of students. There are a lot of attributes.


Domain leran:Science/Chemistry; name :"Pre_summer_School_01_Jun_05"; tutor:CTAT Flashtotal number of transactions: 1,942, total students hours : 4.03; Alle knowledge compenent Model are : Knowledge Component Model(s): DS1194test1 (28 knowledge components)- Default (28 knowledge component- Item Model (119 knowledge components)- Random6x20 (6 knowledge components) SelectCancelKCAdded (29 knowledge components) Single-KC (1 knowledge component) Test1 (28 knowledge components) Test550 (6 knowledge components) Unique-step (191 knowledge components)


All attributs are :Row/Sample Nam/Transaction ID/Anon Student Id/Session Id/ Time Time Zone Duration (sec)/Student Response Type/Student Response Subtype/Tutor Response Type/Tutor Response Subtype Level (Unit)/Level (Section) /Problem Name /Problem View /Problem Start Time Step Name/Attempt At Step/Is Last Attempt/Outcome/Selection Action/Input/Feedback Text/Feedback Classification/Help Level/Total Num Hints/KC (Default)/KC Category (Default)/KC (Test1)/KC Category (Test1) /KC(SelectCancelKCAdded)/KC Category (SelectCancelKCAdded) /KC (DS1194test1)/ KC Category (DS1194test1) /KC (Single-KC) /KC Category (Single-KC)/ KC (Unique-step)/KC Category (Unique-step) /KC (Test550) KC Category (Test550)/KC (Random6x20)/KC Category (Random6x20)/KC (Item Model)/KC Category (Item Model)/SchoolClass Somme attributes can be cleared.

 The file of data is given by doaling here with Excel format (I name it L_A_chemistry.zip).

Questions :

1) What attributes and values had to be cleared?

2) What attributes can I study? Whith what operators of RapidMiner?

3) Can I obtain a regression model? A cluster of students groups? A classification?

Please, can you, help me to analyse this set of data giving the process which I can do. Example : you can list, in order, the operations which I can do to obtain a prediction and model of the 17 students. Question : Is it possible to do traitment on 15 students and test model on 2 students whith Cross Validation? Thank you very much.

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