Loop Values - Clustering how to retain the batch operator in the model results

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Fairly new user to RM,

I am attempting to create store clusters with a data set that contains multiple product /store combinations.

Prod x, site1, Attrb1, Attrb2

Prod x, site2, Attrb1, Attrb2

Prod x, site3, Attrb1, Attrb2

Prod y, site1, Attrb1, Attrb2

Prod y, site2, Attrb1, Attrb2

Prod y, site3, Attrb1, Attrb2

I am using a loop values operator to loop over the Products, I have set the prod as the batch. I am also using the Extract Cluster Prototypes operator, When I print my results (csv) I see the cluster model, and the centroid. But the centriod does not tell me for which product it was created. How do I join the batch identifier (prod x) to the output, so that when i look at the file I can identify which centriod belongs to which product?

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