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twitter analysis/ comparison with dataset

cxl0702cxl0702 Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
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The annoying part of this is I used rapid miner when doing a module with the university of liverpool never touched since and now i have forgotten how to do anything, it is not like ridding a bike!

Could someone please give me a few pointers/ refreshers to achieve the following? 

I have put together a twitter connector which i am happy with pulling in my keyword tweets

I have an excel which i have added as a dataset that contains a column with the ‘tweet’ and another column with either a 0 or 1

What i need to do is analyse the tweet coming into the connector and score on comparison to previous tweets that have the 1 in my dataset 

The next step will be to use a zap which i am happy with (kind of) to go add a row to a google sheet, ideally i would prefer to not use zap though to some how use rapid miner to add a new row to a google sheet or sheet in box that contains simply all the data from the original tweet and my grading value

Then to automate the whole thing so it runs every 5 minutes

Thanks in advance



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