How to filter token by total occurrences?

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Prune method on the "Process Documents" is filtering the tokens by the number of document occurrences. How can I filter them by "Total Occurrences" instead?



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    You should be able to review the output wordlist and identify the tokens you want to eliminate by sorting by total occurrences, and create a small text file with those words.  Then you can use Filter Stopwords (dictionary) to suppress those tokens from your document processing. 


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    Thanks for the reply. I see what you are saying however,the problem is that I cannot filter or use the total occurrences field. Sorting seems to be an unnecessary step since I need to filter the ones under certain threshold.


    Sorting is also not working properly. There is nothing in populated in attribute list for sort operator but if I put total_occurrences, it works with a warning.  

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