New Logistic Regression Operator in Version 7.3

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I'm glad finally there is an operator in Rapidminer to estimate standard logistic regression. My question has to do with the class defined as "success". Let's say I have a binomial label  Y with two possible outcome "A" or "B".  Which equation is being estimated by RM:


P( Y = "A" | regressors ) = Exp( beta*X) / (1 + Exp(beta*X) )




P( Y = "B" | regressors ) = Exp( beta*X) / (1 + Exp(beta*X) ).


Before this operator became available I used the Weka operator W-Logistic. The output of this operator indicated the Class used as "success" (for instance in the output below the modeled class is "false".


Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 2.51.58 PM.png





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