Any recommendations when using MySQL ? It is extremely slow out of the box

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I installed a clean Ubuntu, running only MySQL, Rapidminer desktop and RapidMiner Server on a development laptop with 8GB of memory and a i7-4500U CPU. Not a real beast but still ok for development purposes. All of the software has been installed using default settings. 


The server just reacts horrible, adding limited fresh content to server is pretty ok, but deleting content or copying content from the desktop is close to impossible. It just takes ages to copy data, while the data itself is far from huge. The dataset I am playing with is contained in approx 50 directories, each of them contains maximum 300 repositories, and the examplesets by repository vary between 2 to 2000. So all in all nothing that should be a big deal I assume?


Deleting them in small groups (like 10 at a time) takes me around 1 to 2 minutes per batch, so in order to delete them all I expect to need a few days. This does not seem right to me. Doing the same in the desktop mirror takes just the blink of an eye so the difference is huge.

Are there any shortcomings when using MySQL, do I need to modify some basic settings to get some acceptabel behaviour ?


(Disclaimer : I'm fairly new to Ubuntu and MySQL, a test setup using Windows and SQL Server works as expected)



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    After the terms changed for using MySQL drivers, I switched to using PostgreSQL. I like that one one better.  Maybe someone else can chime in here. 

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    You can also use the MariaDB connector that comes with RapidMiner Studio. It works just fine with MySQL and it may perform better.

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    I found this blog that gives some guidance for tuning MySQL.  https://www.percona.com/blog/2016/10/12/mysql-5-7-performance-tuning-immediately-after-installation/


    I also use PostgreSQL mostly, but on a new install it also needs performance tuning to get it running optimally. 



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    any best pratices for Postgres you would like to share?



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