How to calculate multiple correlation matrices by looping through subset (based on feature values)

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Dear community,


I have a data set that contains student names, their marks in different courses and the number of times they showed up for classes, like e.g.:


Max Mustermann | Database Technology | 2.3 | 10

Max Mustermann | Computer Science Intro | 1.3 | 12

Maria Musterfrau | Computer Science Intro | 2.0 | 13



So Max showed up 10 times at DB and got a 2.3 (mark) in the end.


Now, for each student in the data set, I want to calculate the correlation coefficient between mark and number of times attended.


The output should look like this:


Student name | Correlationcoefficient between mark and number of times attended (considering all courses the respective student took)

Max Mustermann | 0,711

Maria Musterfrau | -0,312



Everything works fine, except that I don't know how to best do the looping and producing the final table (e.g. using "correlation matrix").


I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance and kind regards.


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    So your loop calculates the average and # of attendance for each student?  Then take the resulting exampleset and connect a correlation matrix operator to it.Out put the MAT port

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