How to fill in Gaps?

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Hello everybody,

The following is a simplified version of my example set:

ID     Name               Costs        Time

1       Example1         1.40          00:30
2       Example2         1,50          01:00

How can I fill in quarterly times. In this case RM should fill in the Time 00:00, 00:15 and replace the missing values (that obviously Missing value operator) with the previous values. And he should fill in the times 01:15, 01:30, 01:45,...,23:45. How can I achieve this? My solution was not as elegant as I just put the values into an excel sheet and joined it with the example set (righter join), so that all examples of the continous times are taken and joined with the table above. BUT if the example set contains more than 1Mio examples this method doesn't work (due to excel limitations). Is there a way to do this just with rapidminer?

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*Sorry for any mistakes, I am not a native speaker :-)*


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    I think I did something like this once using the Series extension but I can't remember what operator did that. Check out the Series Extension, I think there are some operators about interval transformation.

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    i guess you first need to create the corresponding examples. Proapbly with an self-append, sort, and round or something. Then you can use Fill Data Gaps from Time Series.




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