learning takes days for processing

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Hi, everyone,


i use rapidminer for sentiment analysis my modle is so simple but wheb it comes to the classifier it takes 2 days for processing i try svm - knn - neural net- only naive bayes takes about 2 hours which is two slow as i think 

my dataset contain 12500 positive document and 12500 negative document of a movie reviews , also when i change the data set to another data set contain 1000 positive and 1000 negative it runs much more faster but it gives me a very bad accuracy ratio

please i search for days for this problem without getting any answer can any one help me 


my code in xml attached


wating for any reply



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    Yes, that could very well happen. I haven't downloaded your XML because I'm late and running out the door but if you aren't doing pruning you should do it. Also, if you use n-grams, it will blow up the columns and make for longer processing. 

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