Reading non-csv/txt file through python code; module run-time error.

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I am in the process of learning RM and I have a working piece of python code I'd like to compile and produce a graph with, but I am having a hard time setting everything up and running it properly. The dataset is a non-text, csv file so I can't upload it normally through the user interface but it can be read using a python module called nmrglue. I have moved all the necessary files into the local repository and have checked the extension is setup properly for Python (it is up to date and matching). However, it does not seem to be picking up the imports from class to class within, despite the many combinations I've tried attaching the input/output process tree with.


I have attached the raw python script to use and would like a visual instruction on how to properly import it.


I just need help setting it up but I think I am missing something obvious in the process.







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    Dear pcjung,


    you forgot to attach the file :).


    As a quick idea: Did you check that the executable for python is set to the right path?



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    Thanks for the reply. Yes I checked to see if rapidminer was working with Python, and it appears to be functioning just fine. I just need help with the setup in a visual way. Sorry if the question appears to be trivial, code should be attached as a .rar file, alongside a sample file to be read.

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