Gaussian combination kernel ,Sigma1,Sigma2,Sigma3 meanings.

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I'm trying to use SVM with Gaussian combination kernel.

However i need to enter the paramters Sigma1,Sigma2,Sigma3.

In order to pick  suitable values.Does anybody have more information about the mathmetical model and the meaning of these parameters?



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    Hi Hosam,


    sure :) Have a look at /


    in our source code on https://github.com/rapidminer/rapidminer-studio .

    The definition is:


    	public double calculate_K(int[] x_index, double[] x_att, int[] y_index, double[] y_att) {
    double norm2 = norm2(x_index, x_att, y_index, y_att);
    double exp1 = sigma1 == 0.0d ? 0.0d : Math.exp((-1) * norm2 / sigma1);
    double exp2 = sigma2 == 0.0d ? 0.0d : Math.exp((-1) * norm2 / sigma2);
    double exp3 = sigma3 == 0.0d ? 0.0d : Math.exp((-1) * norm2 / sigma3);
    return exp1 + exp2 - exp3;

    Where norm2 is: ||x-y||^2





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