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I would like to know if there is any possibility to edit a file (like excluding a column, for instance) once I have clicked on Import. Can someone help me? Moreover, can I remove this file without accessing to my finder and files?


Thanks a lot in advance.




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    There are multiple ways of doing what you are suggesting, depending on how you imported the data and whether you want the change to be permanent.


    Perhaps the easiest solution is that you can always eliminate any number of attributes from your dataset using the "Select Attributes" operator.  This will only affect the copy in memory when running the process.  If you want to go back and overwrite the data you originally imported with this smaller dataset you would then need to add another Store operator to do that.


    If you want to skip certain columns when importing, there is a check box when using the wizard (with Read CSV or Read Excel, for example) for each column--unchecking that will skip that column.  Once you have run the wizard once, this can be edited in the import metadata available through the parameter window.



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    in addition to the reply above, a sometimes very useful trick can be to right-click the data in your Repository panel, and select "Edit". This will allow you to modify the data in a way quite similar to Excel :)

    You can directly edit data, add new attributes or remove old ones, as well as modify name, type, and role of already existing attributes. Search & Replace is also available there.




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