Data Science Link Roundup

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Welcome to another edition of the Data Science Link Roundup! In today's post we talk GPS Coordinates, JSON, and much more!


From the Community 

  1. CausalityvsCorr starts a great thread on Clustering GPS Coordinate Data!
  2. Uenge-san gets a solution to their Join question with multiple timestamps with the help of some Groovy Script!
  3. Mschmitz works with wirtcal to solve a RapidMiner and JSON table problem.
  4. Did you know you can see the results of each fold in a Cross Validation?
  5. Can’t download from the Marketplace? Could it be your proxy? Check out this article for more info!

Out on the Interwebz

  1. Martin muses how a Human-AI interaction can beat deep learning!
  2. How does the TensorFlow team handles open source support?
  3. Visit KD Nuggets and vote!
  4. Do you like free programming books? I sure do. O’Reilly is giving away a bunch!
  5. Will Data Science eliminate Data Science? Good question, great read.

As always, take it to the limit!

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