How to get Maximum Value from a Column?

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I'm totally new to rapidminer and only completed the basic tutorials.


I have a dataset like

MatchID   Value1   Value2   Value3
1            5        1        2
1           4.5      1.5       2

and would like to know if there is a possibilty to get the highest value per column (for example Value1) and make further calculations with it (generate attributes).

Thank you.


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    For getting summaries of attributes (what columns are called in RapidMiner) you will want to use the Aggregate operator.  There is a built-in function for maximum (as well as minimum, average, sum, and most other commonly used metrics).  You can use the "group by" option to create subgroups (basically getting that value for different groups within your data) or leave it blank to get the aggregation across all your examples (what rows are called in RapidMiner).  


    That should easily solve your problem.  And then you can take the resulting data and store it and link it back to your original data if you want to be able to use it in additional calculations--or use macros to automate that process even further!


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    If you don't want to mess with Aggregate and join back the results, you could try the RapidMiner Window Functions project:




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