problems installing on headless Ubuntu 164

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Getting nuts trying to install on a headless machine using putty.


I think I followed the instructions as on this page pretty well : https://docs.rapidminer.com/server/installation/headless_install.html


My XML seems ok, is called installer.xml and is placed in the same bin folder 


when I try to run the following command (I am in the bin folder) 

...my_rapid_download/bin$ sudo ./rapidminer-server-installer installer.xml


I get an error stating sudo: ./rapidminer-server-installer: command not found

While it is clearly there.


I've tried a whole lot of variations, but nothing seems to work. Any idea what I am doing wrong here ?


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    most likely the cause for this issue is a lack of permissions. When i.e. no execute permission is given sudo returns a 'command not found' error. You may try to run 


    sudo chmod 755 rapidminer-server-installer

    and execute the installation command again.





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    kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn

    Yeah, figured it out in the meantime. The error message was a bit vague :-)

    Another thing I noticed in setting up the installation is that UBUNTU is not supported as server_service_linux_variant, but keeping it to SUSE was fine, so no big deal in the end.

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