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Hi everyone,


I am implementing an aspect-based sentiment analysis following these helpful instructions (http://blog.aylien.com/building-a-text-analysis-process-for-customer-reviews-in-rapidminer/) but I have a quick question which you could possibly help me with.


I have around 1,658 reviews but, when I run the results as explained in Step 1, it only gives me the "aspects:polarity" for the first 900 reviews. Why is this? Is this some restriction to the use of this?


Thank you and best regards,


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    I guess you are using the free version of Aylien?  If I remember correctly, there is a limit of API calls of about 1,000 per day.  This might be the reason why it stops then.  You can easily subscribe to one of their paid plans here: https://developer.aylien.com/plans


    Hope this helps,



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    Thank you, Ingo.


    I think that is precisely what is going on.


    Best regards,


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