"How do I configure outgoing Email in RapidMiner Server"

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Open the file standalone/configuration/standalone.xml inside your RapidMiner Server installation. Therein, locate the XML element

<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:mail:1.0">

and modify the from, name and password fields accordingly. Afterwards, locate the XML element

<outbound-socket-binding name="mail-smtp">

And modify the host and port fields to fit your needs.

Now save the file and restart RapidMiner Server. Log in as administrator and go to System Settings > Email Configuration, enter an email address and click on “Send test email”. If everything is configured correctly, you should receive an email shortly. Otherwise, please consult the log files.

Note: Make sure the “from” field does not contain blanks, otherwise sending emails will not work.

(Expert note: In the “Email Configuration” tab you will see the message “The property com.rapidanalytics.mail.jndi_name is undefined. Assuming JNDI name 'java:/Mail'.The mail session is configured for protocol smtp:.” In case you changed the JNDI name in the above configuration file, it would be possible to configure RapidMiner Server to use that JNDI name via the mentioned property. This may be necessary if RapidMiner Server runs on a JBoss shared with other applications.)

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