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is there a way to optimize an attribute like you can with a parameter? For example, take an attribute and multiply it in a loop by .01 then .001 then .0001 etc,,, and get the best result. You can do this with a parameter, is there a similar operator fpr attributes?




  • AndrewAndrew RapidMiner Certified Expert, RapidMiner Certified Master, Member Posts: 47 Guru
    There are operators that allow the value of attributes to be set. So you could use one of these in an optimization operator with suitable values.
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    When I use a generate attributes operator inside of the optimize parameters operator the attributes i made are not selectable. What operator allows me to add/change an attribute that will work with an optimize operator?


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    One option would be to set a macro inside the Optimize Operator and modify the Attribute within Generate Attribute with the macro value.

    You could also use the Set Data Operator or Replace Operator to explicitly set the value of polynominal attributes.




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    When using a generate macro operator I get the error, "the varible 'x' is unknown" when I select an input from the Regualr Atribute list. What am I missing? Can I not use attributes from my example set in macros? Then why are my attributes selectible...



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    I think that the "Generate Macro" operator is only to be used for creating new macros from existing ones. To extract a macro from your existing attribute values you would want to use the "Extract Macro" operator. You may need to use it in combination with a loop operator to achieve your desired result. 

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