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cascading user rights

kaymankayman Member Posts: 652   Unicorn
edited December 2018 in Help

Hi there,


Is it possible someway to cascade user rights down in an easy way? For example if my server folder structure is as follows :


dir 1

-- dir 1A

-------- dir 1A1

-------- dir 1A2

-- dir 1B




and I want to give a certain group of users access to directory 1 and everything below, I need to give these access rights one by one for every single folder below. Which can be an issue when I add an extra folder and I forget to give the right access rights.


What I am looking for is a way to ensure all folders below a given folder are all using the same rights as the top folder, without the need to do this manually one by one and on a regular base over again.


If not possible can you add it as a 'more than nice to have' feature for future versions?



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  • Telcontar120Telcontar120 Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,625   Unicorn

    You should add this in the product ideas section!  It would definitely be helpful.

    Brian T.
    Lindon Ventures 
    Data Science Consulting from Certified RapidMiner Experts
  • kaymankayman Member Posts: 652   Unicorn

    Aaah, missed that one. Thanks!

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