Morphological stemming in RapidMiner?

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Hi All,

Instead of using the Porter stemming algo or one of its variants, is it possible to stem words to their morphological root in RapidMiner?


Thank you.



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    two options you might want to try include two new operators present in the Operator Toolbox extension.

    One option includes using the Stem Tokens Using ExampleSet-Operator using a predefined ExampleSet as a source of potential word stems (similar to the Stem (Dictionary) operator, but using an ExampleSet as an input instead of a file). You'll find an example process included as a tutorial.

    Another option would be trying to use the Levenshtein Distance. With it you could search for token with a low Levenshtein Distance and choose the shortest of them. You'll find a Generate Levenshtein Distance-Operator in the Operator Toolbox as well.




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