How to make numerical attributes nominal again?

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Hello altogether,

due to the application of the K-Means-Operator I had to change the nominal attributes to numerical. The format I am confronted with now is similar to: 

                 attribute1 = xxx, attribute 1= yyy, attribute 2= zzz, attribute 2 = www

Cluster 1              1                        0                        0                          1
Cluster 2              0                        1                        0                          1
Cluster 1              1                        0                        1                          0

Is there another way to get the attributes back into one column each? Instead of the binary form.

Thank you :)




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    Hi @eldenoso - looks like you used the "dummy coded" option when you went from nominal to numerical in order to have all numerical attributes for k-means?

    If it were me, I would use the Generate Attributes operator with an expression like this: if(attribute1=="xxx","xxx","yyy") for attribute1, and very similar for attribute2.  Then use Select Attributes to remove the dummy coded attributes.



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