RapidMiner Studio: How to configure/change window

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Hi everyone,

WHy is it that the new RM Studio window looks kind of big? Can anyone help me how to put it back to default?



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    What do you mean by "big" and "RM Studio window"? Do you mean the size of the process panel? If so, you can adjust the size by going to the very right side of the specific panel with your mouse and then click and drag to the size you would like to have it. 

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    Actually I noticed this same issue as well with the upgrade to RM Studio 7.6.  It seems to automatically downgrade the native monitor resolution which is what makes it appear larger on screen.


    Although it is not mentioned in the release notes, I suspect it has something to do with RapidMiner code changes to the graphics scaling made to correct for the high-resolution scaling problems that were reported in prior versions by people using monitors with high resolutions (higher than 1080p), essentially by forcing the program to run at lower resolution than the monitor/OS setting provides by default.  


    For what it is worth, I was able to fix mine (to have RapidMiner run back at the better resolution (1080p for me), which makes it smaller on the screen, by modifying the compatibility options for the Windows desktop shortcut and choosing the "override high DPI scaling" option (see screenshot).  

    graphics properties.PNG

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