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Hi! I'm making a machine learning model to predict sports results (concretely, NFL results).


I have a table containing all the stats for the match for one team (i.e. Team#1 will have a different row than Team#2 for the same match, each match has 2 rows in this version of the table). I grouped this stats from another table that I have with each play from each match, using a "play team" attribute as the grouping attribute.


The problem that I have is for the defense plays that involves scoring as a counter attack when the defensive team intercepts the ball. Those plays are part of the offense team plays as they started them, so I cannot access this data from the other row. I know there's the "lag series" operator, but I cannot use it because I have to do it both ways (I can only use it from higher to lower rows, but no backwards as it doesn't accept negative numbers).


Do you know any other way to access the data from other rows? Do you recommend me other aproach instead of the one I'm using?





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    hello @CarlosML27 - so my first thought is "if this guy can predict NFL game results with RapidMiner..."  :)  My second thought is that I would definitely need to see your example set and your process to make sense of what you're trying to do.  You can attach the example set to a message here on the forum, and you can use the </> feature to insert your process XML.



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    Take a look at the Series extension (free) and the lag operators.  They give you the functionality to compare different rows (depending on exactly what you want to do you should be able to configure it).



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