How to find ABAP program/FM which invokes this method

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I am SAP SD module specialist and I often need to debug code. Sometimes I need to know which programs/FM address particular table. I use Where used in SE11 for tale and system finds that class method addresses this table. I use Where used for method – but system doesn’t find anything.

Do you know how to find program/FM which invokes this method?

The Where-Used-Index (WUI) is not guaranteed to be complete for SAP objects on customer systems because it requires a lot of space and time to keep up to date. You can generate it if required by running SGEN to ensure a current load is present for all the SAP SD objects you're interested in, then running SAPRSEUB as described in note 28022. Be aware that this program might take days (!) to complete the WUI.


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    hello @sandeep_tekslat - I have moved your posts here in the Academia forum as we had talked about.  I am not sure there are others here who will answer your questions about SAP but you are welcome to try.  Smiley Happy


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