Solver functionality with rapidminer?

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I have two problems which I would like to solve with rapidminer:


  • if I have a table of numbers, and I need to find/solve which rows add up to a target sum (there might be none, one or more solution to the problem; if there is more then one I would like to know all possible solutions) - think about looking at your bank statement and finding which numbers needs to be added up to a particular total
  • if I have a table of numbers, and I need to find all possible rows which added up give at least target sum (there is a solution, likely more then one); additionaly I might have constraints so that some rows can not be used at the same time to find solution - think about your parliament and elections results and you need to build a coallition to have majority (some parties are not going to be a part of same coallition no matter what; A might work with B, B might work with C, but A will never work with C)

This is possible to solve with Excel Solver, but it has a number of limitations, from number of rows (200 rows) and number of constraints; and it will show you only first result, not all possible solutions (if there are many).

Is this possible to do within RapidMiner?


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    I am not sure, if I understand your goal entirely, but I think the "Aggregate" and "Filter Examples" operators should be able to provide solutions for these kind of questions. You may need to pivot your data though, depending on the exact structure of it.

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    I actually don't think there is any built-in RapidMiner solver or optimization functionality similar to Solver in Excel.  However there is probably a clever way to do this using loops--if any other power users have developed one, I would be very interested in it.


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