Getting "Attribute filter does not match an attribute" and similar messages...

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On filter, discretize, and sort operators, I am getting the message that my attribute (usually when I select the confidence attribute of the model the data has previously run through) is not there. Some of the time the operator still operates properly, others do not "operate" at all and just pass data through.


I have turned on the "Synchronize Meta Data with Real Data". Any tips on this?


Example chain: Cross Validation, Select Attributes, Sort (sometimes get message), Discretize (does not discretize at all).


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    Yes, if you are trying to operate on attributes with a special role, you will need to check the box that says "include special attributes" and that will allow the operator to affect those (assuming they also meet whatever filtering criteria you are using).


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    hello @RMBP - hmm that's rather odd.  Sometimes metadata does not propagate for a variety of reasons but I think I'd like to see your process (use the </> button to paste into message) and your data if you are able to post.



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    What I am noticing is it may have to do with confidence being a special attribute, when a 'set role' to switch it to a regular variable or generate a new attribute that is a copy of the confidence, it works fine.


    A similiar element I'm seeing is the filter operator has issues filtering by row number, it says that row 1 is a higher number than the highest row... although the filter actually works fine.

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