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One of the important purposes of visualizations is estimation of the effect of an attribute to the label. One of the basic visualizations for that purpose is a scatter plot. But sometimes, the effect is difficult to inspect visually. For that purpose other tools like SPSS, SAS or Orange provide ability to add a trendline. Even Excel has this feature.


My proposal:

Add a checkbox into scatter chart that says something like: "Show LOESS".



  1. LOESS is a reasonable non-parametric method, which can deal with non-linearities.
  2. It is already implemented in apache.commons.math3 library, which is already used by RapidMiner.

Implementation details:

  1. Show confidence intervals, not just the fitted curve, if possible.
  2. If "Color Column" is defined and is discrete, show a fit for each colour. Something like Mondrian does. Including the transparency of the confidence intervals.
  3. Possibly respect sample weights, if specified.
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