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Dear community,


i have created a model for document classification, where input files of different classes are stored in different directories on local machine.

i am taking input from "Process document from files" (text processing extension) giving local path like : "D:/doc class/class1", class2 etc.

model is working fine in rm studio. Now i want to automate it so when i m running it on server, how to give path of input directories.

i have tried copying directories on server and using that path did not work.


i m using rm 7.6 free version studio and server both.


Please help






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    hi all,


    i have found the error. it was very basic as i did not installed "text processing" extension on the server side, it was not working.

    now it is working fine.




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    The input files need to be stored on the server as well, as it can't access files that are stored on a local machine. 

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    thanks for reply. i have tried this also as mentioned in the post but did not work.

    i have stored all the directories on the server and given that path to "process document from files" while using "Run on server" but gave operator can not be executed error.

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