"I do not what I did with my Dashboard"

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Hello everyone,

I do not know what I did but now I do not know how to put the Rapidminer screen as when I downloaded it. I want to have the Dashboard as when I download when I could drag the things like Samples or Rebind 


Sorry if the question is a fool but I am new in Rapidminer,



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    It looks like your default view has been changed or messed up in someway.  When you select view -> restore default view  does your view reset?


    If not the following steps may help

    1. Shut down studio

    2. Path to your .rapidminer folder, this is likely inside of your user folder.  

    3. Rename gui.properties to gui.properties.old 

    4. Rename vlperspective-predefined-design.xml to  vlperspective-predefined-design.xml.old

    5. Restart Rapidminer Studio

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