ModelWriter: Missing input for Nominal2Numerical

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trying to write the model "Nominal2Numerical" to disk via the ModelWriter leads to the error message:

P Jul 8, 2009 2:10:46 PM: [Error] ModelWriter: ModelWriter: ModelWriter: Missing input: Model
P Jul 8, 2009 2:10:46 PM: [Error] There was 1 error.

Here is my process:

<operator name="Root" class="Process" expanded="yes">
    <description text="#ylt#p#ygt#The normalization operator supports both z-transformation on zero mean with standard deviation 1 and range normalization into a predefined range. #ylt#/p#ygt#"/>
    <operator name="ArffExampleSource" class="ArffExampleSource">
        <parameter key="data_file" value="../data/iris.arff"/>
        <parameter key="label_attribute" value="class"/>
    <operator name="Nominal2Numerical" class="Nominal2Numerical">
        <parameter key="return_preprocessing_model" value="true"/>
    <operator name="ModelWriter" class="ModelWriter">
        <parameter key="model_file" value="norm.mod"/>
The model is however written to disk and seems to be OK. Is this error
message possibly redundant?

I'm using RapdiMiner v4.4.0



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    fischerfischer Member Posts: 439 Maven
    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the hint. It's a bug and will be fixed in the next release. It concerns only the validation of the process, not the process execution itself.

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