What home computer platform do you recommend for a data science practitioner?

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Hello Everyone,



I am in the market for a new notebook PC. Can you recommend one to me, your preferred brands, and the minimum system dimensions you feel are important for a data scientist to have on their working platform? Are Apple products satisfactory for serious business users? I have always worked on Unix variants and Windows platforms for systems and software engineering work.

I intend for a notebook PC to give demonstrations of my unique value proposition as a data scientist when I solicit new business during personal presentations. I also intend to rely on it for graphically demonstrating my work products with data visualizations, modeling and simulations. I may experiment with in-memory data management and predictive analytics. I intend to use such open source tools as VisIt, Gephi or ParaView. Do you recommend others?

I will likely keep production-level big data in the Cloud or on my clients' own data platforms, but I will nevertheless still be processing some large data sources on my local system, depending on what my clientele give me for customer experience, financial markets, macro-economics, industry studies, or scientific and engineering analyses.


Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,




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    Hello @breckjensen90 - sorry for the delay.  Your message got caught in the spam quarantine.  :)  As for your question:   


     Are Apple products satisfactory for serious business users?



    I can only tell you that I have been running RapidMiner at a blazing speed with my Mac Pro (2013) and generally out-benchmark most other desktop machines.  :)  I have been doing data science freelancing work since 2013.  Minimum RAM for any machine is 8GB but I would get at least 16GB (I have 64GB) as RapidMiner likes a lot of RAM.  If you have a paid license you should definitely have multiple cores to take advantage of all the parallelization available (I have a 6-core Xeon E5).



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