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Hi all, while trying to stream data from an Oracle DB I get the following error message: ORA-00904: "RM_INDEX": invalid identifier. (details below)




The underlying table doesn't have a column named RM_INDEX. I guess this is a RapidMiner-generated column which would be used as PK and index as described in the operator documentation. The thing is, there already is a column, let's call it LOG_ID, constrained as PK and index. The values of that column do not start with 0 as indexes usually do. It's merely an integer defined column containing ID values for the objects in my table which are being deleted after a certain time. This leads to discontinuities in the numerical series of the 'index' - which means the values therein are not continuous. They actually start with '6136805'.

The recreate index parameter isn't ticked. That's why I absolutely cannot affiliate to that error message.

My priviledges contain all system privs needed to add the missing RM_INDEX column as described in the operator documentation. 


Can someone help me with this? Would be appreciated..




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    Would you please just upload the image into the post via the photos thread? This way we don't have to sign up for image shack. Thanks.

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    hello @dhctvien3 - welcome to the community.  Yes please just attach screenshots with the Photos button rather than hyperlinking outside the forum.  It's much easier for everyone.  And please also post your XML process here in the thread so we can see exactly what you're doing (see #2 of "READ BEFORE POSTING" on the right hand side, which of course you've read :smileyhappy:   )



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