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How can I install the IMMI extension?

IMMI – Image Mining Extension for RapidMiner

I use Windows and the RapidMiner Studio Free 7.6.001 version


I found this:

How to install

Extract the downloaded file and copy the *.jar file to YOUR_RAPIMDINER_FOLDER/lib/plugins folder.


I will try later if that works and give feedback.

Ok that works and takes 5 seconds


A further extension that would be of interest to me is the GeoImageRMP is a Rapid Miner extension for spatial data.

I try and give later a feedback.




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    thank you @Belaid.  For non-francophones, the email is translated as follows:



    The extension is now too old to be used in the current version of RapidMiner and I do not have the resources (time or human) to work on its development.

    I work now in Python.



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    I have contacted Thomas concerning the GeoImageRMP Extension.




    L'extension est maintenant trop vieille pour être utilisée dans les
    version de RapidMiner et je ne dispose pas de ressource (en temps ou
    humaine) pour mener ce développement.

    Je travaille maintenant sous Python.


     This Extension don't work. So I will continue to search for a spatial extension...

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