Predictive Modelling for Debt Recovery

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Dear Everyone,


I am in need of assistance in predictive modelling within the Credit / Debt collection environment. Can any one assist?

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    Thank you for the response. We are are debt collections firm, recovering outstanding accounts for financial institutions. My objectives are to increase our ROI with predictive modelling to establish which accounts are more likely to:


    1. Default again

    2. Never pay

    3. Pay


    Hope this helps?


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    Dear Korbus,


    i will connect with you via email. Might make sense to push this over from community to our commerical use case support.




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    I've done some work in that field and may be able to help, but we will need to know the following:


    a) What are your objectives?

    b) Is this on behalf of a debt collector or financial institution (their data differs)?


    Your answers will give more clarity for us to help you.


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