Passing parameter to mysql stored procedure for Read Database

chakravarthy_rachakravarthy_ra Member Posts: 6 Contributor II
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I have following statement in the Build SQL query , for 'Read Database' operator, which gives result.


call tatvam_opms.volume_change(@customer_id_in=null);

How do i make that input into a prepared statement ? So user can key in 'null' or some other value ?



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    chakravarthy_rachakravarthy_ra Member Posts: 6 Contributor II
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    Ok so i created a macro with variable as customer_id_in. Then refrenced this in the SP execution as SPName(%{customer_id_in}).


    It worked. Thanks

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    Edin_KlapicEdin_Klapic Moderator, Employee, RMResearcher, Member Posts: 299 RM Data Scientist
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    Hi @chakravarthy_ra,


    In order to prevent SQL injection I propose to check prepare statement in the Read Database Operator.

    Then you can select a list of parameters (i.e. the values) you want to use in Read Database (see screenshot).

    Afterwards you need to replace the macro in the SQL statement with a question mark (?).









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