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I have created  a model in RM Studio and saved it in RM Server. For training the model, I have exposed the training Model as an api Service.
I call the api with required data too train the model. It works great. The only problem is I need to wait for around 10-15 minutes for this training API to respond.

I wasnt this training API to be asynchronous. i.e. I can call the training API and the api can respond immediately saying your request has been submitted. If this is possible, how will I get to know if the training has been completed or not.


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    the solution for this is Schedule Process. It enables to start an asynchornous job (or many) from within a webservice job.




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    vipul_kumarvipul_kumar Member Posts: 20 Contributor I

    Hi Martin,


    Thanks for the quick response. I understand that using schedule process operator I can expose a web service which when called submits the actual process as a job and returns immediately with a response.

    But, how will I get to know when the actual job completes. Is there any callback or polling to check that

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