Neural network and genetic algorithm optimization

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I am a PhD researcher in Food Technology in Jadavpur university. I am currently studying extraction processes, their characterization and optimization. Usually DOE and RSM is mostly used. Recently ANN - GA are being used for optimization as an alternative to RSM. I am able to construct ANN with both rapidminer and R. However, I cannot use GA for finding the optimization of parameter settings. I have found GA in rapidminer for optimizing net weights and optimum values of hyperparameters. But, using it as a tool to optimize input parameter setting - i am unable to do this. Papers are reporting to use Matlab for doing this, but official matlab sites says doesnot show the process.

I am inserting directly from a paper (Asgari et al. 2017, Computers and electronics in agriculture)-

Please nayone can provide me the way to use to recreate the compution in rapidminer

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