"How I rollback an update of RapidMiner Server when I used the EAR replacement"

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Updating your RapidMiner Server is very easy using the EAR replacement method that is
covered here
.  Rolling back the update is done by completing the following steps

  1. Stop your RapidMiner Server instance.
    •  In Windows verify that all services related to RapidMiner have stopped.

  2. Restore your RapidMiner Server Database
    •  If you have never restored a DB a tool like mysql workbench would be very helpful.
  3. Replace your downloaded EAR file with the original

  4. Rename deployment marker to “dodeploy”

    • /RapidMiner/standalone/deployments/rapidminer-server-2.4.0.ear.deployed

      ----> /RapidMiner/standalone/deployments/rapidminer-server-2.4.0.ear.dodeploy
  5. Replace any JAR files for extensions that were upgraded during your update.
  6. Restart server

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