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I am a real estate professional in Florida USA with interests in data and trends. I am interested in finding hidden trends using data from our MLS and other sources. I want to publish insight, stories, and collaborate on white papers.  Its purely academic but I the information will hopefully get attention from the local media. If you are interested in developing insight for an industry and authoring research then we should talk. Jonathan

ja (at) propertyunderthepalms (dot) com

five-six-one 2475650



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    hi @ja - welcome to the community. :) I have done two projects with real estate data over the last couple of years. One was the analysis of my town's prop assessment data - I examined the connection between driving distance to center of town and the assessed value of the land (which was not taken into account by the assessor at the time). The other was pro bono work I did for a lake association in Ontario where I attempted to reverse-engineer their MPAC assessment calculations and compare with my own algorithms.  Happy to share if I can dig them up!




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    ow Scott. That sounds really interesting. Thats the kind of Hypothesis I am looking for - something unique like land value and distance from center of town. Sometimes bias or demand shows up in ways we didnt expect.


    Please contact me so we can speak!


    Regards, Jonathan

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