Integrating Rapid miner with an Eclipse project

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Hi friends,
I am new to rapid miner and I have been playing around with rapid miner GUI. Now I am familiar with the concepts of rapid miner in GUI. As a next step I want to integrate the rapid miner with my java application. I use the eclipse ide.

The manual says to integrate rapid miner i need to set the variable RAPIDMINER_HOME.

Can any one please guide me how to get started?

is it enough if i import the jar file rapidminer.jar from the path C:\Program Files\Rapid-I\RapidMiner\lib
or i need to import all the jar files in this path?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    fischerfischer Member Posts: 439 Maven
    Dear Venki,

    If you are using Eclipse, the easiest way is to to add a dependency to the RapidMiner project. The CVS version comes with an eclipse .project file.

    If you are just using RapidMiner from within your project, just add the jar to your classpath. The classloader must also be able to locate dependent jars, so either add them to the classpath as well or keep them in the same directory structure as in the RapidMiner project. rapidminer.jar's Manifest references the dependent jars.

    RapidMiner itself does not read the RAPIDMINER_HOME environment variable. However, it interprets the rapidminer.home system property, which you can either set inside Java or with -D... However, it is not so important to set it to the correct value since most of the time it can be guessed correctly.

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    venkatesh20venkatesh20 Member Posts: 23 Maven
    Dear Simon,
    Thanks a lot for the information.
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