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"Macro Value in the Operator Name"

ShubhaShubha Member Posts: 139 Maven
edited May 2019 in Help

Please run the below process file.
<operator name="Root" class="Process" expanded="yes">
    <operator name="IteratingOperatorChain" class="IteratingOperatorChain" expanded="yes">
        <parameter key="iterations" value="3"/>
        <operator name="ExampleSetGenerator" class="ExampleSetGenerator">
            <parameter key="target_function" value="simple polynomial classification"/>
        <operator name="JMySVMLearner" class="JMySVMLearner">
            <parameter key="keep_example_set" value="true"/>
        <operator name="ModelApplier" class="ModelApplier">
            <list key="application_parameters">
        <operator name="Perform_%{a}" class="ClassificationPerformance">
            <parameter key="main_criterion" value="accuracy"/>
            <list key="class_weights">
        <operator name="IOStorer" class="IOStorer">
            <parameter key="name" value="g_%{a}"/>
            <parameter key="io_object" value="PerformanceVector"/>
    <operator name="IORetriever (2)" class="IORetriever">
        <parameter key="name" value="g_1"/>
        <parameter key="io_object" value="PerformanceVector"/>
    <operator name="IORetriever (3)" class="IORetriever">
        <parameter key="name" value="g_2"/>
        <parameter key="io_object" value="PerformanceVector"/>
    <operator name="IORetriever (4)" class="IORetriever">
        <parameter key="name" value="g_3"/>
        <parameter key="io_object" value="PerformanceVector"/>
One can see three performance vectors after running the above process file. Three being three separate performance vectors for three separate iterations (dummy data created).

I want to name each performance vector as say Perform_1, Perform_2, and Perform_3. How do I do this? I tried by changing the operator name as 'Perform_%{a}', but in vain as you can see it from the name of the outputs generated as 'Performance Vector (Perform_%{a})' for all the three performance vectors. Are there any ways of this?



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    fischerfischer Member Posts: 439 Maven
    Hi Shubha,

    currently there is no way to rename I/O-Objects. May I ask why you want to do that?

    If you are seriously interested in such a feature, just get back to me by personal mail.

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