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Just to be on the safe side when I start upgrading my server to the latest version : Are older (7.x) versions of Studio able to connect to 8.x server or is this not going to work at all? If no real problem it makes my upgrade planning a bit more flexible...


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    Hi @kayman - so I just tested using RM 7.6 Studio connecting to a RM Server 8.0 and all looks ok. You cannot do the opposite of course. I have not tried with RM Server 8.1 however.




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    Yes, @sgenzer the backward incompatibility of Studio to Server is actually quite a bit of a frustration since one usually wants to upgrade to the latest Studio to take advantage of the improvements, not necessarily realizing that it will make connections to all prior Server versions impossible.

    On a related note, is there a simplifed Server upgrade path from v8.0 to v8.1?  It used to be that minor version upgrades could be handled simply via jar file replacement, but that seems to have gone away with the Server 8.0 architecture.  Given that I have multiple Server 8.0 installations, is there any easy way to upgrade them to Server 8.1 short of a full fresh installation?  And all the headaches associated with migrating existing repositories, users, etc.

    This server migration thing really needs a better solution...

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