How to export Logic(code) from Model RapidMiner to HTML File

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Dear community home ,

Now I want to get a logic from Model rapidminer ,if i want to export a model logic from rapidminer   .How i  can do , and  how to do that? 

I want to develop web by anoter app and use a Logic from Rapidminer model

please support me ( I already run data to this model)




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    What kind of model do you have?  Some models are easier to export in "logical" form than others.  RapidMiner supports a variety of different approaches depending on the model type.  You can use PMML for implementation in other platforms, but only with certain models.  Decision Trees has the helpful "Tree to Rules" operator which will output your tree as a set of if/then statements.  Linear and logistic regression have fairly simple equations that can be created.  But other model types are much more complex and are not really designed to be implemented outside of RapidMiner.

    You can also use RapidMiner Server to allow your model to be called as a web service.  That's the most elegant solution but does require a bit more work.

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