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Which are the most important settings files

User13User13 Member Posts: 155  Guru

The two files containing many server settings are:

  • standalone.xml - contains most settings RapidMiner Server uses like Hostname, Ports, Mail, Database, etc. Googling their names in conjunction with โ€œJBoss 7โ€ should yield helpful results most of the time.
  • standalone.conf / standalone.conf.bat - contains arguments passed to Java when starting RapidMiner Server like Xmx, garbage collection, etc. These are the standard JVM arguments you can pass to Java.

The standalone.xml can be found in the standalone/configuration folder in the RapidMiner Server installation directory. The standalone.conf / standalone.conf.bat (the used one depends on the OS, standalone.conf.bat is used on Windows only) can be found in the bin folder in the RapidMiner Server installation directory.

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