Reinforcement Learning Prediction Algorithms

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Dear All,


I am relatively a newcomer in Rapidminer but so far it has been very useful. I am doing a research on vulnerability prediction. My question is that while Rapidminer is equipped with a lot of production models, I can't seem to find an operator that related to specfically reinforcement learning such as Deep Q. Am I missing something or there is really no tool yet available in Rapidminer?

I would appreciate your help on this matter as I am interested in machine learning techniques.





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    Not really.  Reinforcement learning is typically deployed in systems where the computer is trying to achieve some predetermined outcome and is modifying inputs and parameters subject to some constraints in order to do that, and theoretically improving in each successive iteration as it adjusts these inputs.  So in principle it has a lot of overlap with supervised machine learning problems, but the timeframe of the application is different, because in classic machine learning, you already have all the of labeled outcomes available at the time you are constructing the model.  

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    Thank you for the reply. Correct if I am wrong, so basically there is no direct tool in reinforcement learning in Rapid MIner. 


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    @cjjc20001 RapidMiner has the Keras extension which allows you to use TensorFlow, CNTK, and Theano. From there you can build RNN, LSTM, and other types of deeplearning processes. I assume when you refer to reinforcement learning algorithms you mean deep learning?

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    I get what you are saying. But I was looking for something like what you already have in Rapidminer. It would seem that the suggestions you gave me would require me to reconfigure those tools in order to make them work for my prediction models. 

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    Hi @cjjc20001,

    you are right, RapidMiner does not support Reinforcement Learning directly, yet.




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    If Rapidminer does not support RL(Reinforcement Learning) directly, What is the method of how to use 'Q-learning' indirectly?
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